Thursday, September 23, 2010

Entschuldigung!!!! German review of the playstation move!

I give this review 3 out of 5 Ramens. Its by Poligamiapl. I believe its a german youtube channel. Watching this eclectic group of men try to figure out how the Playstation Move controls work on several different games is rather entertaining. Danke Gut!

Saturday, September 18, 2010

Kevin Pollack's Chat Show! One of the best interview shows on the net!

I stumbled upon watching alot of Kevin Pollack's chat show on youtube lately because I can watch it on my phone....Here's the main website:
I dig this show because they swear during the interviews, he gets really in depth with how each person got into their professions....and viewers are involved with the show.  If you watch the live ones, you can interact with the show as well, you can give the guest rapid fire questions (the tweet 5) which they will have to answer on the spot.

I gotta say, Mr. got some balls doing an entirely internet shown show.  I love it!
I love the Larry King game, also.  I'm surprised some of your guests don't know who he is....hes ancient.