Monday, April 9, 2012

My rant about the coolest job ever....

Videogamergal's Facebook conversation with herself.

I just saw my dream job today.....If I even get a rejection letter from these guys I'd be soooooo happy.
14 minutes ago

OMG...I want this job.
13 minutes ago

This would be the coolest job ever.
12 minutes ago

12 minutes ago

I just hope they don't get scared away from my portfolio like the last one did. I think I may have to redue my website again. What do you guys think? I was thinking of making it alot simpler. :p
10 minutes ago

I just sent my info to the coolest job You wouldn't believe how awesome that was. If I got that I would feel like a rocket goin' to space.
about a minute ago

a few seconds ago ·

i'm geeky.
a few seconds ago

This was for a print packaging job for videogames. Anyone who eventually reads this blog, wish me luck. Even if the job is over, I'm gonna keep checking up with these guys. If I get that rejection letter I'd be happy.

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